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  • weidmuller_SAK-Series TS 32 In hazardous area applications, the installation instructions and the rated data specifications for accessories given in the technical appendix must be followed. Technical data Rated data Rated voltage V Rated current A Rated cross-section mm2 Rated impulse voltage / Pollution severity kV/- Gauge to IEC 60947-1 / UL94 Flammability class Approvals Clamped conductors (H05V/H07V) solid / stranded mm2 flexible / Stranded wire with end ferrules mm2 Tightening torque range (clamping screw) Stripping length / Blade size mm/- 2 conductors with same cross-section (H05V/H07V) solid / stranded mm2 flexible / Stranded wire with end ferrules mm2 Note Width/Length/height with TS32x7.5 mm max. current / max. cond. cross-section A/mm2 Max. clamping range
  • weidmuller_SAK-Series TS 35 The construction of the clamping yoke has been designed in such a manner to ensure that the connection between the wire and the busbar is gas-tight. The surface of the connection must make up at least 75 % of the surface as a whole. Electricity is conducted with 100 % efficiency at these points, because increased resistances due to soiling of the connection points do not arise. The SAK family is designed for wire cross-sections from 0.08 mm2 to 240 mm2.
  • HARTING Han HanHCModular The ideal connector for transmission of high currents requiring littlle space
  • HARTING Han HanGND The new HanGND series now enables pluggable grunding systems
  • amphenol_amphenolC16系列.pdf amphenol_amphenolC16系列.pdf